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In designing a fund raising, grant funding and sponsorship plan the Trustees have endeavored to try and involve people from all socio-economic groups in the community and throughout the country.


To this end we have designed a number of initiatives acknowledging all contributions made; from a simple gold coin donation through to six figure funding grants. At all times it is the Trust's goal to maximize returns back to the Karen Cornelia Trust whilst also adding value to all contributors and maintaining respectful and courteous communication.


The key benefits to contributors are as follows:


A local charity with the benefits going back into the community.


Making a difference in the lives of others.


Excellent exposure for business and corporate sponsors demonstrating the values of giving, caring and contribution into the marketplace.


Being part of exciting and innovative fund raising initiatives.


Association with a professionally run and respected organisation.


A 'Feel Good' factor of being part of such a worthwhile cause.


Networking opportunities to meet and work with new people in our community.

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