An August 2018 update on the cost of the running of the A House for Karen and why donations are vital to the Trust

Over the last ten years the Trustees have managed to get by in terms of meeting all of the costs we have to meet to keep the House for Karen open each year. Like all Charitable Trusts we are finding that core running costs are rising each year and that it is getting harder to get assistance from funding agencies as an ever-growing number of charitable organisations are competing to get such assistance.

 As an example, this year we have insurance costs of $5,300.00. The home is large and it is isolated and sometimes empty and there is not a great water supply for emergency staff to use hence the insurance company calculate the risk and charge accordingly.

We appreciate that there is a need to present the home in a very presentable state as we want everyone who uses it to have a pleasant experience. Cleaning costs do not come cheap because of the distance required to get to and from the home.

Monthly power bills are often considerable in size as there are often large numbers of people in the home and they need to be kept warm. The environment is hard on the home and recently we had to replace the infinity water heater which came to $2,000.00. People were staying in the home at the time and therefore there was no opportunity to obtain two quotes for a replacement unit and apply for funding.

Overall the running costs of the home including repairs and maintenance come to about $25,000.00 a year which comes to about $480.00 a week. We receive $5,000.00 from the TSB Community Trust annually and we do fundraise the rest which is not an easy task.

 The Trustees acknowledge that life is financially hard for many people in our community and we therefore do not ask for a financial contribution from anyone who uses the house. However, if you are in a position to make a donation to the A House for Karen house it would be greatly appreciated. Such a generous donation will make sure that the house remains open for use and that it also provides a pleasant and enjoyable experience for those who use it.

You can leave a cheque or cash in the container at the House in the hallway or bank your donation directly into the Trust’s account at TSB Bank Limited.

Name of Account:      The Karen Cornelia Trust Account Number:      15  3944  0233331  00 

 We are a registered Charitable Trust and will provide you with a receipt to ensure you get a tax credit from Inland Revenue.

Thank you for reading the above and thank you for any donation you make as it will make life easier for those who use the home after you have used it.

The Trustees

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