Platinum  Member

The Trust is seeking to attract a high level of funding through community grants and trusts from a range of sources throughout New Zealand.

In recognition of this level of contribution the Trust will offer these organisations Platinum Member Sponsor status with all the benefits afforded to the Foundation Members.

Foundation Member

  • A House for Karen - The Karen Cornelia TrustThe Trust is offering a limited number of  “Foundation Member” sponsorship packages with a maximum of 10 sponsors and only one sponsor per industry sector.

  • This top level of sponsorship offers considerable community profile whilst also demonstrating a significant leadership role in contribution back into the community.

The benefits of being a “Foundation Member” sponsor:

  • A local charity with the benefits going back into the community.

  • Making a difference in the lives of others.

  • Excellent exposure for business and corporate sponsors demonstrating the values of giving, caring and contribution into the marketplace.

  • Being part of exciting and innovative fund raising initiatives.

  • Association with a professionally run and respected organisation.

  • A “Feel Good” factor of being part of such a worthwhile cause.

  • Networking opportunities to meet and work with new people in our community.

Extensive and ongoing Media Exposure via:

  • Placing of Foundation Member’s Name/Branding/Logo in media publications associated with the Trust. Fundraising initiatives, Media launch of the Trust and the “A House for Karen” project, stage by stage press coverage through the building project, opening ceremony and ongoing initiatives.

  • Foundation Member’s” Name/Brand/Logo incorporated into the Trusts letterhead used for written communications, direct mail, box drops and ongoing correspondence relating to the project throughout the province.

  • Foundation Member’s” Name/Brand/Logo incorporated into the Trusts Quarterly Electronic Newsletter sent to the Trusts internal network of local businesses, sponsors, contributors, suppliers and friends of the Trust.

  • Premium sizing and placement of the “Foundation Member’s” Name/Brand/Logo in the finished house on the “Sponsors & Contributors Wall” – a feature wall within the house, acknowledging the businesses and organisations in the community that made the project possible.

  • Pride of place in the “A House for Karen”  Sponsors Book – An A4 Leather Binder kept in the house that tells the story of the Trust and the “A House for Karen” project from conception, through construction, to completion, and the names of the businesses whose valuable contribution made the whole project possible.

    Investment:  $10,000 per annum  x  a 3 year commitment
    Total Investment:  $30,000

    (Monthly Payment Options are also available by arrangement)

See the Contact Page to contact us to take part in this project...

Current Foundation Member Sponsors: